New Rick Sinnett Blotter Art 2022

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Introducing the New Rick Sinnett Blotter Art  from . Anyone familiar with psychedelic art will enjoy the two new releases from Oklahoma-based artist Rick Sinnett - "This Land" and "Keepers of the Wheat". Using a unique style of blotter art, Rick has created two captivating prints that are sure to please both collectors and art aficionados alike. What makes Rick's work so special is his ability to capture the vivid and surreal nature of blotted paper art in a way that's truly mesmerizing. From the eye-popping colors, to the intricate patterns and unique flourishes, this artwork has an otherworldly feel to it that's instantly recognizable. And thanks to the precision and dedication put into each piece, these prints are perfect for replication. Of course, if you prefer physical blotter art, you're in luck! Both of Rick's works are now available at, making them accessible to anyone who wants to add some psychedelic art to their home or office. So don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to own one (or both!) of Rick Sinnett's awe-inspiring works of art. Head to  and pick up your very own piece of history today!