Steven Cerio Blotter Art Triangle

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The Psychedelic world was given a boost with the launch of a brand new art print from Steven Cerio. Celebrated for his artwork in the trippy psychedelic art, Cerio has unveiled his new triangular blotter art print that is sure to take you on a magical journey! All prints are signed and numbered by the artist himself, and to add an even more creative edge, the prints are pierced with diamond-shaped perforations for added detail. Not only does this create a truly unique piece of artwork, but it also brings an exciting twist to the traditional blotter art. The print is now available for sale at the official website of ‘LSD BlotterArt’ – the reliable source when looking for authentic, original work by Steven Cerio. The site is run by the production company  which has been producing quality blotter art since 2011. They specialize in offset printed vanity lsd acid sheets - all of them stamped with Cerio’s potent designs. For those interested in the surreal effect only Cerio’s works can cross boundaries, the limited edition triangular blotter art print is just the thing to take your psychedelic appreciation into another realm. Make sure to check it out and get your hands on one before it’s too late!