Ciaran Shaman "Infinity Keys" Signed Blotter Art Print

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Ciaran Shaman "Infinity Keys" Signed Blotter Art Print

Measures 14cm x 20 cm

Perforated into 450 8mm squares

Signed by the Artist

From the Artist

My 'psychedelic tea-towel' design as I fondly refer to this artwork. Inspired by an LSD trip where I saw the duality of the Universe but with that higher-state inherent feeling of oneness, visually explained in a figure of 8 pattern where everything-but-consciousness existed in the loops and only consciousness itself resided at the centre where the loops meet. It totally made sense at the time. The figure of 8 in this artwork is made up of ears of rye grass infected with the ergot fungus which is a primary source of lysergic acid. Within the loops are the sun, symbolised by the eye of Ra, and the Earth and moon with lunar cycle. Around the artwork are eight keys with molecular bits, all of entheogenic flavour. The lattice edge framework has an entwined flowering Morning Glory vine running through it, another sacred plant that contains the tryptamine Lysergic Acid Amide.